Key’s mediation service works throughout South Ribble and Chorley to offer a free service to help families reduce conflict and to get along better together. We work with young people aged from 11-25. The service has an excellent success rate and uses trained volunteers from the area.

Young Person

They got involved when things were really bad. They didn’t judge me and my mum. They helped me think things through. My relationship is much better now. We actually talk instead of fighting.


I didn’t think it would help. I wasn’t up for it at first, but decided I hadn’t got anything to lose. The people from Key were really friendly. There is a lot less tension at home now – the atmosphere is so much better.

How can mediation help?

If you are a young person aged 11-25, and you live with your parents (or other relatives or carers), you will probably not always get on. If you can’t sort out the problems, mediation could help.

A mediator is an independent person who will help you to talk honestly with each other to help you sort out your problems. They won’t make judgements about who is in the right, or tell you what to do.

Sometimes, things may be so bad that you are kicked out or decide to leave.  If this is the case, mediation may be able to help you to sort things out so that you can continue to live with them – or go back home if you have already left. You could return home either permanently, or temporarily while you look for somewhere else.

Even if mediation does not lead to you moving back home, it can help you build a better relationship.

What happens if I decide to give mediation a try?

There will be initial meetings to introduce the service to Yourself and then in a separate meeting to your family. The mediators from Key will help you to think through what is going wrong at home and what you would like to change. They won’t judge you or take sides. They won’t tell your family what you have said and vice versa.

When you and your family are ready everyone will meet together. The mediators are there to ensure that everyone gets a chance to have a say and listen to each other’s point of view. Mediation helps everyone to remain calm, so you can discuss your problems and come up with your own solutions.

Does mediation really work?

At Key we have an excellent success rate with helping families to get along better together. Even where people thought it wouldn’t help. We would encourage people to be open minded and give it ago.

Mediation only works if everyone wants to make changes and do things differently.

How do I get mediation?

Key’s mediation service is a free service for families in South Ribble and Chorley.

If you are interested in having mediation you can either call us on 01772 678975 contact us through the website or complete the referral form below.

Key referral form – December 14

We can also take referrals from other organisations such as schools, Childrens Services and supported housing projects.


We can talk more openly at home now

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